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Know Drugs: The Parents Guide

Know Drugs: The Parents Guide iPhone/iPad app provides parents and carers with all of the essential information and advice you need to understand the important issues around young people’s drug use.


Using video, graphics and photos this essential app equips you with a comprehensive collection of resources that you can use to educate your teenager about the world of drugs.


Completely up to date information on the latest drugs on the streets, their effects, dangers and key signs to look out for – including new ‘legal highs’.


The app contains 60 short videos relating to the effects of drug taking, interviews with ex-users and importantly, what to do in an emergency. The F.A.Q section offers answers to the questions most frequently asked by parents and carers.


The app is presented by film and television actress Nicola Reynolds.

Parent Advice

The comprehensive FAQ section provides video based ‘parent to parent’ information and advice on the issues which parents have identified as concerning them most about young people’s drug use.


They include:

Why do some young people want to use drugs?
What are the dangers of using drugs?
How should I talk to my teenager about drugs?
How can I recognize the signs of drug use?
What should I do if my teenager is using drugs?


The FAQ videos are split into small bite sized chunks so that parents can choose the topics which they will find most relevant and useful.


Find information on specific drugs or drug categories with a searchable comprehensive guide to the current street slang terms and drug names.


• Sort by; A - Z, Street names or Street names.


• Sort by drug type; Stimulants, Painkillers, Hallucionogenics and Depressants.



In an emergency

This section provides parents with vital information and clear instructions on what to do if their son or daughter is seriously ill or unconscious after taking drugs.


The step by step video guide shows parents exactly what to do in a drug related emergency to ensure that their teenager stays safe until medical assistance arrives. Having this information on your phone really could save a life.